Better Man Poster

Completed March 2015

Against his religious mother’s wishes, Eli goes out “for a walk” – in reality, to play pool with his friend James. He initially dismisses James’ flirtations, but when he wins the game and James kisses him, Eli realizes that his feelings for James go far beyond friendship. Now, he must choose between who he was and who he is.

Better Man is about as guerrilla as it gets: two actors, cameraman, director. No lights, no sound (all dialogue is ADR), no permits, nothing. Just us, a 7D, and a pool table. It has been accepted into the Inside Out Festival, Canada’s largest LGBT-focused film festival, as well as the NSI Online Film Festival.

Directed by Amelia Mathews

Written by Gary Settles, Amelia Mathews, and Adam Bradley

Starring Calvin Smith and Gary Settles

Cinematography and editing by Adam Bradley

Produced by Adam Bradley