Perk Postcard

In postproduction

Long Walk to Forever is based on the Kurt Vonnegut story of the same name, and is the story of Catharine and Newt, childhood friends who’ve grown up together in a small town. When Newt goes off to war, Catharine gets engaged to Henry Stewart Chasens. A week before the wedding, Newt goes AWOL and comes to Catharine’s house to convince her to come for a walk with him.

This is easily the most beautiful short we’ve ever made. Preproduction took several months, during which time we ran a successful $7,500 IndieGoGo campaign and enlisted the support of dozens of cast & crew.

We’ve even gotten some press:

Boston Globe

Feminist Wednesday


Westchester Magazine


Adapted by: Jessica Hester & Adam Bradley

Starring: Amelia Mathews & Brendan Ryan

Directed by: Jessica Hester

Produced by: Adam Bradley, Jessica Hester, Caitlin Engel