In development.

It’s 2086, and the earth’s environment has been rendered nearly uninhabitable by severe climate change known as “The Cataclysm”. The last humans live in self-sufficient and heavily-fortified biospheres; outside, the survivors have been mutated by viruses that were let loose upon the world.

Aaron was exiled from his Stead when he insisted on bringing to justice those responsible for The Cataclysm. Attacked by two different kinds of mutants, Aaron escaped, only to find himself infected by both viruses. The viruses have reached a precarious stalemate inside him, leaving him strong and fast, but with a constant need for fresh blood. And when he lets his guard down on his latest mission, he is attacked. His RV is damaged, his supplies are ransacked, and he’s gravely wounded. He must extort supplies from the nearby Stead and kidnap a young girl, Megara, to act as his personal blood donor.

Aaron changes his focus to bring down the top name on his list: former President of the U.S. Archibald McLeister, who leads the first and most heavily-fortified Stead in the world. As they travel, he and Megara achieve an uneasy friendship as she comes to understand Aaron’s history and his motivations. But once Aaron finally confronts former President McLeister, he realizes: the Steads are the last and only source of peace in the world. Is it worth it to destroy them in the name of justice?